Schedule Initial Consultation with Comprehensive Clinical Past and Present Case History

The Work-up Process

Are you looking for a clinic that offers Precision Upper Cervical Care? Do you have unanswered questions relating to the brainstem and how it relates to your particular case?

If this sounds like something you've needed for a long time, the Initial Consultation is the first step towards regaining the proper structure. Before we begin making reverse engineering corrections, we must complete the structure function analytic work-up process. The initial consultation includes a past and present comprehensive clinical case history along with answering questions related to your particular situation and/or concerns.

$80 Initial Intake Consultation

When you call to schedule the initial intake consultation with comprehensive clinical past and present case history you will be asked to make a $45 non-refundable deposit over the phone. Be sure to have your credit card handy. The deposit will be applied toward the consultation fee of $80. Other cost factors for the work-up vary according to each individual's needs. All additional work-up fees are determined by the complexity of the case. Fees are discussed prior to the service rendered.

TERMS OF FEE: The initial intake consultation appointment time is non-changeable for any reason other than the documented death of a family member. The non-refundable deposit is non-refundable for any reason.