Can you help me?

Many conditions are the direct result of the breakdown of the body structures and the distress to the nervous system from the misaligned spine. It is difficult to determine if your condition can be helped before the Misaligned spine is detected and corrected. A consultation with one of our doctors, a detailed health history and a spinal postural examination can usually determine if you have a misaligned spine and if it relates to the trouble you are having.

What is the Misaligned Spine?

During the course of our lives (many times in childhood) accidents and injuries that tear loose the connective tissue that holds the spine together results in a weakness that allows the spine to break down and lock in a stressed position. There are so many joints in the spine that it is, at first, only a slight inconvenience and many times is undetected.

How can I tell if I have a Misaligned Spine?

Body posture is changed when the spine is misaligned. Lying down one of the legs appears shorter than the other leg. Standing up there is a high and low hip and shoulder, the body weight is distributed more on one foot, there is often a leaning of the body or a tilting of the head to one side or the other side.

How does the Misaligned Spine affect children?

When we are young we are not as susceptible to the structural problems but we may have more of the nerve-related functional problems. Chronic ear infections, stomach ache and leg cramps (growing pains) may be the first signs to appear. These may be followed by chronic respiratory problems like allergies, bronchitis and asthma. Many of the learning disorders and behavioral problems may also be related to the misaligned spine. The distress to the brain and brain stem may affect the ability to focus attention, to comprehend and process information.

How does the Misaligned Spine affect my body structure?

The misaligned spine is progressive and degenerative. In our youth it causes the spinal bones or vertebrae to change shape or deform to accommodate the structural stress. In adulthood the muscular imbalance and the abnormal movement begin a process of wear and tear and breakdown of the joints of the body including the spine, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and feet. This process usually goes on for years before the crisis that calls our attention to the problem. Injuries to ligaments and tendons that occur during the time the spine is misaligned never seem to completely recover and continue to flair-up on a regular basis or become chronically painful.

How does the Misaligned Spine affect the rest of me?

The distress of the nervous system by the misaligned spine limits life and causes a multitude of symptoms. A loss of structural integrity results in distress in the nervous system and may be affecting the brain, the brain stem, the spinal cord and/or the peripheral nerves. The nervous system directs and coordinates every movement we make, it allows us to sense and feel, it is the instrument of perception that relates us to our outside world and it controls and regulates all of the other body systems. There is a link to the conditions that may indicate that you have a misaligned spine in the “How Does Chiropractic Help Me” section of our web site.

Are all the conditions listed caused by the Misaligned Spine?

Some symptoms are the direct result of the misaligned spine with its stress, degeneration and breakdown structurally and the distress neurologically that affects movement, sensation, perception and the control and regulation of the body systems. Still others are conditions that are not the direct result of the misaligned spine but are made worse by its structural and neurological complications. There are many conditions that are not related to the misaligned spine. It is important to determine if your problem is directly related to a spinal or spine-related problem.

How soon will I feel better?

If your symptoms are the direct result of the misaligned spine you will experience some relief immediately with your first correction. Recovery from the long-term effects of the misaligned spine however takes about one month for each year the spine has been misaligned. Some of the conditions are relieved as you recover.

Will someone benefit from a spinal correction if they have nothing wrong?

Corrections are made to the spine only when a misalignment is found and needs to be corrected. A few people make it through life without the injury that causes a misaligned spine. Many people have a misaligned spine for years before the crisis occurs that makes them aware of the problem. It is much easier to prevent the damaging effects of the misaligned spine before it breaks down than to recover from its degeneration.

I know some of my friends and relatives are suffering from spinal problems, how do they manage?

Many people have learned to effectively treat the symptoms of the misaligned spine with the appropriate medications, exercises, nutritional programs and supplements and / or the appropriate life stress reduction or lifestyle changes. Life becomes much simpler when the spine is in an aligned position and everything is working normally. Much less time is spent managing all of the effects of the misaligned spine and more time is available to enjoy life.