Many people suffer from chronic pain for a variety of reasons. All too often, these conditions continue while the symptoms are treated by traditional health care. While our current medical system excels at crisis care, such as the treatment of heart attacks, strokes, or other life-saving protocols, the Western health care model is not highly rated for prevention of disease.

Chronic pain is caused when distress is placed on the structure of the human body, causing the body’s function to be abnormal. Upper Cervical care uses over 85 years of clinical research, precision X-rays, mathematical measurements, spinal analysis and pre/post objective instrumentation to understand and correct upper cervical subluxations.

Since 2006, the Upper Cervical Clinic (UCC) in Bloomington has treated hundreds of patients for a wide variety of issues such as: headaches, dizziness, numbness, sciatica, fibromyalgia, acid reflex disease, ringing in the ears, whiplash syndromes, sports and repetitive motion injuries, among others. Many of these conditions are progressive and degenerative. However, most of these things relate to the simple fact that the structure of the human body misaligns and creates a disturbance in the nervous system and affects the way people are able to live, work and play.

As a result of the progressive and degenerative nature of the conditions suffered, people view their condition as a “life-sentence” and resort to taking analgesic or pain relievers to mask the condition. By some accounts, hundreds of thousands die each year in the United States due to medical error and adverse side effects.

Upper Cervical Care is a natural approach to health care that focuses on the atlas/C1 and axis/C2 in the neck. It’s a form of health care that focuses on locating the source of your condition without the twisting, popping or “cracking” of the neck or spine that is often common in traditional chiropractic care.

At the UCC we begin our care by taking precise X-rays from three different perspectives. Upon completion of the X-rays we draw lines and take measurements of exactly how an individual spine misaligns; and what must be done to correct it.

Every spine is as unique as a fingerprint; and the ability to correct that misalignment is a special skill. The intent is not to make a correction every visit but rather to make a correction and have it hold for an extended period of time, thus allowing the body to heal itself. Please know that our specialized work is not a treatment for any condition or disease. The goal of this work is to correct the vertebral subluxation complex thereby allowing for more normal neurologic function.